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Primary Schools

Key Stage 1-2. Encourage teamwork and build self-confidence in the great outdoors. Discounted school rate available.

Secondary Schools

Key Stage 3-4. Break free from the classroom, and let the outdoors teach new skills. Discounted school rate available.

Training for life…

Our philosophy in training and working with children and students is to inspire and teach them staple tools and techniques that will give them an opportunity to grow, develop, gain confidence and in some cases an opportunity to find themselves.
Simply if we can teach a child or students to:

  • Climb a ladder, rope or wall, then they can learn to climb other ladders in their life.

  • Jump over ridges, bars and water, then they will be able to jump up an over challenges that they are confronted with.

  • Balance on beams, bars and slacklines will bring balance in their mind and emotions.

  • Crawl under, though, over and down, then they will be able to crawl and adapt to those things around them.

  • Run for enjoyment, rather than to escape or fend off.

  • Be part of a team, to delegate, to lead, to guide, to mentor and to follow.

  • Enjoy the outdoor environment, nature and it’s beauty.

  • Appreciate that exercise and fitness, can be fun and enjoyable.

These learning skills are examples of an aspect of our pedagogical practices here at the Wild Forest that support all students to learn at primary, secondary and higher level of education. Pedagogy in this very context can be evidenced by the very nature of learning in a natural environment which is educational, experimental, experiential, stimulating and thought provoking.

We believe that bringing the children and students into the forest will bring them in touch with their more sensitive side through contact with nature, tranquillity, peace and inspiration whilst stimulating other children to gain strength and confidence.

See what others had to say

Our whole year group, children and staff, had a great time on our Nuclear day. The children threw themselves into every challenge they faced, particularly if it meant landing in water or a massive pile of mud, and came out at then with new confidence and better teamwork skills. We will be back again!

Sam Birkinshaw – Chalkwell Hall Junior School – September 18, 2018

As part of an activity week, we took nearly 350 pupils over 3 days to the Nuclear Wild Forrest site.

The day was well planned and offered tasks to suite and challenge the children’ physical skills and abilities, improving their team work skills and resilience.

Many of the children were just looking forward to getting really messy in the mud… but the inclusion of the obstacles really boosted their self-confidence and gave them a real sense of achievement to take away with them!

There was never any pressure to complete the obstacles, but plenty of positive encouragement and advice was offered every step of the way by staff, who many are serious OCR competitors themselves.

The team leaders celebrated the pupils successes and highlighted good practice along the way for other to learn from.

We had an absolutely fantastic time visiting the Nuclear Wild Forrest venue and would thoroughly recommend the day to others!

I’ll probably bump into you or your staff this summer for your Saturday classes!

Roger Reeves – Longdean School Activity Week – June 29, 2018

We thoroughly enjoyed ourselves at the Wild Forest. Our favourite part was the death slide, where we would shoot down a wet slide that would launch us flying into the lake. After 3 hours completing the obstacles and zip wire, we were so muddy we were pleased to get in the warm showers. It was very enjoyable and we had a great day. We would most definitely do it again. Y9 & 10 Thank you for creating an amazing experience for our students. They were begging to return as soon as we got on the coach. So, see you next year! Very happy students make very happy teachers!

Alison Waters – Sylvia Young School – July 20, 2018

The hugest of thank you’s to Laura and Sam for an amazing time at Nuclear Wild Forest – the day surpassed all our expectations! Monkey bars, climbing walls, ropes, obstacles galore, ‘the deathslide’ and mud… so much mud! The girls had a blast – working together to face challenges whilst getting filthy and soaked – and they are still buzzing from the experience! Instructions at each obstacle were delivered in an informative but fun way, and all safety measures with regard to COVID were well executed. A huge success and we can’t wait to come back!

The Village Prep School, NW – 3 September 2020