Meet the Obstacles

We have a large selection of technically challenging and fun obstacles to learn and refine your OCR skills on.

1/4 Pipe

You've seen Ninja Warrior, are you brave enough to take on the Nuclear BEAST of a 1/4 pipe?

Balance Plank

It’s all about balance and technique at the top ready for your descent down.

Blast Wall

Great obstacle for building confidence with heights. Remember always 3 points of contact.


The Twisting turning Helix...designed to do exactly that as you make your way from one end to other. How you take it on, will determine which elements of your core and upper body strength you use!


Upper body strength is needed here

Low Rig

A test of your upper body and core strength

Mini Monkeys

One for the children but also great for the adults to use for core training

Ninja Rings

Using the rings to swing from one bar to the other.

Parallel Bars

A simple obstacle with many options - go across using upper body, put your legs up and slide along it or weave in and out the bars.

Peg Wall / Cliffhanger

It’s all about upper body when it's wet but when it’s dry use your core to assume the winning frog position. “Its all about the frog”

Phoenix Rising (Stairway to Heaven)

Climb to the top and transition from one side to the other. Then come back down & finish on the foot step

Rope Climb

It’s tough and most people’s nemesis - BUT - get the foot lock right and with practice you’ll make it to the top.

Step Ladder

Climb up & down. A very versatile obstacle.

Scramble Net

Go under and scramble your way through to the other side.

Sternum Checker

This obstacle is all about technique, and good core strength.

Sky Rig

From the OCR Euro's, similar to the real ninja warrior.

Spinning Monkeys

You’ll need all your monkey skills here especially, a good grip, to spin your way from one end to the other and back. The key to this obstacle is, not to stop - get the flow and go.

The Ledge

Oobstacle you will feel like a legend. It takes strength and technique but once you’ve mastered it, you won’t forget it.

Tyre Mangle

Go through, not over, to complete the mangle.

Tyre Mound

Climb over with 3 points of contact

Tyre Wall

If heights aren't your thing then our wall of tyres is a great way to get to overcome that


Great for your upper body strength.

Wonker Bars

Good grip strength and rember to cycle your legs

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