We have a large selection of technically challenging and fun obstacles to learn and refine your OCR skills on. Explore all of our obstacles below.

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Kids Hang Tough

Swing from one side to the other

Bouldering Wall

3 points of contact moving left to right/up & down

1/4 Pipe

The Nuclear Beast

Wonker Bars

Multi lane inverted monkey bars

Step Ladder

Cargo net & chain ladder

Tyre Wall

Up & Over with 3 points of contact

Rope Climb

Get the foot lock right & with practice you’ll make it to the top

Tyre Mound

3 points of contact

Tyre Mangle

Squeeze through the tyres

The Ledge

An Irish Table

Spinning Monkeys

3 rotating wheels

Sternum Checker

This obstacle is all about technique & good core strength

Phoenix Rising AKA Stairway to Heaven

A real test of upper body, grip strength & core

Peg Wall

Multi use wall

Use the pegs or ropes to traverse

Parallel Bars

A simple obstacle with many options

Ninja Steps

Unlease the inner ninja in you

Ninja Rings

Using 2 rings to swing from one bar to the other

Mini Monkeys

One for the children but also great for adults to use for core training

Long Rig

17.5 foot long, 4 lanes, multiple attachment

Will you manage to ring the bell?

See Saws

Stand clear of both ends, use your arms for balance


Wild Forest Rig

Mixture of elements, test upper body strength & core

Low Rig

A mix of elements, to test upper body & core strength without touching the ground

Hang Tough

Swing from one side to the other

Inverted Walls

4 walls 2 x 6ft, 7ft & 8ft


Upper body strength needed

Choose your weight, 2 different sizes

Cargo Net

Crawl underneath

Blast Wall

Great obstacle for building confidence with heights

Always have 3 points of contact

Balance Beams

All about balance

Sky Rig

As seen at OCR Euro’s, multi element rig for experienced racers

Step Toe

Slow & steady wins this obstacle


Will you go over or under?

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