Obstacle Videos

Watch our videos below to see some of our top obstacle tips

Quarter Pipe

• Don't sprint into it

• As you hit the bottom of the ramp EXPLODE & look for the top

• COMMIT, don't stop running

• Pull yourself up & get your heal locked on so that you can roll onto the

   top to take your winners pose 



Count 1,2,3,4 from the bottom of the ramp as you run up and reach for the strap or bar

Low Rig

• Keep the arms locked into your body

 •Pull back! Make sure you pull with the back arm not your leading arm

   before you release as you need the swing to continue forward

• Relax

• Think! Use your legs when you can & remember if your  struggling to reach     up put your arm over the bar/ring and this will lift you higher

Inverted Wall

• Take a strong grip of the wall

• Use the inside leg to get the momentum to get the outside leg up &

   get the heel hook on

• If using the side support do exactly the same but count 1-2 in your head!

• You will need quick feet

• Heel hook, use leg to lever and then let yourself down slowly.  

• Be careful you don’t knock your chin, land on flat feet, soft knees



 Use your calf as a hook

• Keep arms relaxed

• Engage your core

 Reach as far behind you as you can

• Alternate hand and leg as you move

Hang Tough

 It’s all about the hip movement
• Think pendulum swing
• Stay relaxed and do not rush it
• Keep your arms straight


• Pull yourself up and use your heal as a lock
• Arms come up and take a good grip on the upper ledge
• Use the inner leg to lever up and roll onto the top

Spinning Monkeys

• It’s all about momentum & rhythm

• As you spin off  get half way before reaching out for the next one

• Keep the arms relaxed, don’t hold yourself up as it will stop you spinning

• Make sure you have a firm grip

• If you drop down remember SOFT KNEES FLAT FEET

Monkey Bars

 Take a firm grip on the bars

• Cycle the legs and swing the hips inpengelin movement

• Don't stop, keep moving


• Take a strong hand grip & bring the legs up
• Alternate arms & leg movements, as right arm moves, left leg

   will follow
• Reach as long as you can, you will cover more distance
• Try getting your leg above each bar as you move along
• If it’s slippery or your arms are tired hook your arm over the bar
 Before dropping down make sure you engage your core


Rope to Rope Traverse

• Great training for upper body, core & to practice the foot lock

• Swing back lift your body & apply foot lock

• Reach for the next rope, lift yourself up, kick away the rope your on &

   re apply the foot-lock onto next rope

 Pull back with the back arm so you get the swing

• Repeat until you get to the end

Rope Climb

• Take a first grip of the rope & get you knee up close to your chest

• Get the rope on the inside of your knee & outside of your foot

• Jump up & bring sweep the rope up securing the rope

• The rope is now secure, reach your hands up

Wreck Bag Carry

 Legs are shoulder width apart, with a straight back, bend your knees

     ready to pick the bag up

•  Power up through the heels, lifting the bag & throw it over your shoulder

•  Shuffle it around your shoulder, until the handles are over both

    shoulders, grab hold of the handles 

•  When you have finished your carry, remove your hands from the handles

    & drop it backwards off your shoulders 


TOP TIPS - If your going to throw the bag over your right shoulder you want the handles facing your left foot when it’s on the ground between your legs

Stairway 2 Heaven - Phoenix Rising 

You need to be able to do 4- 5 pull ups before attempting this obstacle

Get your grip, fingers over the top & thumbs underneath 
When you get to the top, relax the arms & swing hips
 As you swing back, release your lead hand & reach for the other 

  side watch your hand at all times
 Follow with the other hand do it in one fluid movement
• Once both hands are on the other side you can start your decent

Make sure you start on the step & finish or it won’t count

Most of all please remember if u drop off SOFT KNEES FLAT FEET


Sternum Checkers

• Swing your leg up & over the bar
Make sure your leg is right over the bar & sits in the knee      crease
Get the arms over so your chest is close to the bar
The leg that is hanging is your kick back leg
As you kick back, push the elbows down
Roll over and drop down with SOFT KNEES FLAT FEET


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